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Brief review

Ozum comes with a helpful wizard that will guide users through the setup and search process. In addition, this program includes a great Help guide and colorful icons. Thanks to the time Ozum’s developers put into creating a superb interface, this program truly outranks the rest in its class.


The one thing that is really great about Ozum is that this newsreader doesn’t feel old and outdated as so many other newsreaders tend to. Ozum was created with the social media generation in mind and, as such, finding information using this newsreader is really very simple. If you’re looking for a newsreader that doesn’t come with too many complexities, this is it.

Main Function

The main purpose of Ozum is to help users find news articles simply. Because of this purpose, Ozum is not packed with features, but it is full of great help tools and plenty of guidance. Finding the information you’re looking for when using this program couldn’t be more straightforward. As a newsreader, Ozum earns a top rating.

Extra Features

Ozum isn’t about extra features. This program is all about providing quick access to music, video, images, and text without any hassle or fuss. Don’t let the fact that Ozum doesn’t have a lot of extra features throw you off – not having an interface packed with features in this case is a very good thing!


Take advantage of Ozum’s 30-day free trial offer. Then, if you like the program (and I’m sure you will!), you can purchase it for $28.90 – a low price to pay for a great and modern newsreader.

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Reviewed by Alan Vega
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